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All-natural organic ingredients

Lacquered Co. is a modern company focused on health and sustainability. Our unique approach to nail care is rooted in education and provides non-toxic, cruelty-free products. We believe that what's ethical and environmentally conscious will propel our industry into a better future.

 We've created a family of products that nourish the skin & maintain the integrity of your nails. Our body butter, sugar scrub, foot soak, and nail oil are made in-house by us using all-natural organic ingredients. Our line can work as a system of care or an individual treatment targeting a specific need. 

made in-house body products
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 We believe that knowledge is key in creating a more environmentally friendly world and put a lot of time and effort into researching ingredients, colors, and chemicals. While no nail polish is completely “natural,” our line is as close as it gets, with as few synthetic ingredients and chemicals as possible. Our polish line is non-toxic, vegan, and made in the USA. From the bottle to the color to the wooden cap, our eco-friendly nail polish makes a statement that even Mother Earth would be proud to wear.

Before opening our doors over ten years ago, researching & acquiring Clean Beauty was essential. Zoya was one of the first polish lines to remove toxic ingredients from its formulation, offering a safer option for those who have skin allergies or may be pregnant. We currently have over 200 + shades of Zoya on our polish wall. You're sure to find the perfect color on your next visit to Lacquered Co. 

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